Spartacus Project reflects on Keep the Struggle Up by Coyote

Reflecting on Keep the Struggle Up


I think you’ve got the point. That was me years ago. The prison disgust never goes away. However, it only reflects the face of our government. They are one in the same. They represent the rich, and only make laws to protect themselves. Unfortunately, too many of us buy into their philosophy believing it works for us, too. It does not and we stay fractured and without leadership for true freedom for the good life.

I am no bleeding heart liberal. Prisons were built to keep the dangerous people out of circulation until such time as they learned to played by the rules of fairness. Upon reaching American Prisons, almost all reasonable thoughts are eliminated by gross and harsh treatment by arrogant & mindless prison administrators–thinking of only how to increase their pay envelope and retirement. All the while using the selfish and stupid peons/guards in green and blue uniforms, to do there dirty work–all in the name of justice. You know how the story goes from there. More courts to feed the filthy system, more police to feed the courts, more prisons to feed the corrupt government agencies, and the complete farce that any public defender is capable of avoiding the wishes of his government paid boss. Why do we buy into this bullshit? We all know better–don’t we?

One of these days, and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen, because I don’t want to be in one of the meetings that this may take place, a ex-prisoner may walk into a room of government abusers and leave a package and walk out. I am totally surprised it hasn’t as of yet. I am told almost everyday of the instilled hatred beaten into the men & women of American Prisons, by foolish job security seeking administrators and guards, by prisoners currently serving their sentences in America.

Maybe I could understand it better if the “spin” wasn’t laid on so heavy by our press and government about how “fair & good” we treat our citizens–as a nation of free thinkers and doers. I can’t help but recognize the billions & billions of American dollars being sent to other countries to help enslave their citizens, and only the dictators becoming richer and richer by our hard earned tax money, yet we have veterans and past tax-payer–homeless, and without medical care. In America we should take care of our own FIRST.

But as Americans, we have the responsibility of treating our neighbors with dignity and respect. That doesn’t happen too often in America and the abuse must stop. Murdering our young over wearing a color, or walking down a certain street, or just thinking a different way–is not the way of a true American. I don’t like it, nor do I buy into it. I think you have the right idea. Education is our way out of prison and a better life once released. I encourage you to continue your studies and the educational help you are trying to bring to your fellow prisoners.

What can I do to help better your life and others´?

Good luck.

Donald Hinton, Sr.
Spartacus Project

New Blog Spartacus Project of Nevada comments on Timothy Redman´s violent death

We have a new website in our midst of Nevada prisoner advocates and human rights abuse watchers:

The Spartacus Project of Nevada has joined the ranks, and is now online at this address:

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Following the terrible news of the violent death of Timothy Redman in Unit 3 of Ely State Prison on November 18th, 2009, The Spartacus Project of Nevada`s Director Don Hinton wrote the following comment:

It is time for this abuse and foolishness to stop!

I have corresponded with Mr. Redman in the past. His crime was terrible, but he deserved better than what he got from Ely State Prison and E. K. McDaniel, warden of that sump hole prison. Mr. Redman’s treatment is pervasive throughout the Nevada Prison System, and there are many examples to show this treatment is extensive. Revert back for a moment to the Report of Doctor Noel on Ely State Prison’s medical treatment of prisoners–that were left to literally rot to death, because the prison’s medical staff, and the warden, refused to give medication to prisoners.

Tim Redman was a young man when his crime was committed and received no help while in prison. Tim needed psychiatric help, not murdered by the hands of his keepers. His death was calculated and preventable. This is what Nevada has to look forward to today and in the future: “Murdered in Nevada’s prisons by Nevada Department of Corrections guards and administrators”.

Nevada’s Department of Correction, their employees and their director is beyond disgraceful–they are pathetic, and Nevada’s voters are permitting this behavior to continue. Aren’t we all so proud? OK, Nevadan’s, remember this: “Paybacks are a bitch”.

The picture we display of Mr. Redman, where the side of his face is torn off, was obtained by Ms. Mercedes Maharis, of the Spartacus Project of Nevada–from the district court in Ely, Nevada. This photo was labeled by Warden, E.K. McDaniel, of Ely State Prison: as “a trophy photograph”.

Way to go State of Nevada! Aren’t we the proud Nevada Citizens to have such great wardens and employees of the Department of Corrections? One could almost wonder how these men, Nevada’s correctional guards and wardens, treat their wives and families–couldn’t one? We know how they treat Nevada’s prisoners.

Does any citizen believe this type treatment towards prisoners is going to make them safer from the prisoners scheduled for release–when they are released from prison, with $20.00 in their pockets to start their lives over? Wake up Nevadan’s–this is your tax dollars going down into the pockets of the Department of Correction’s pay checks. You are not getting a good return on your dollars.

The harsh reality of life is the example you see everyday. Do you want this same treatment the prisoners receive from Nevada’s prisons to be brought home to your parents, grand parent and/or children, and possibly–YOU? Only you can stop this abuse, before it is at your door step, thanks to the department of corrections. You might want to think about this for a minute–it is just a heart beat away. It is time to get this Idiot Governor to wake up to the reality of what is being done to Nevada’s prisoners by way of “Legal Rehabilitation”. He needs to fire the entire department of correction’s administrators and many guards, and start over with decent human beings as “keepers of Nevada’s errant ones”. If not, do not expect things to get better and your tax dollars going to more deserving programs.

It is time for this abuse and foolishness to stop!

Donald Hinton. Sr., Director
Spartacus Project of Nevada