Lucasville Uprising 1993 – Background articles

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Justice for Lucasville Prisoners

Lucasville Uprising 1993: prisoners still on death row and in prison due to Snitch Testimony, Plea Bargains and Hidden Evidence, etc.  


The Documentary Film: Condemned, Keith LaMar – New Film Sheds Light on Lucasville Prison Uprising Cases (2015)

Staughton Lynd: Re-examining the Lucasville Uprising: 7 Essays (2012-2013).

4WardEver UK has posted a page about the Lucasville 5 (August 2012)

Staughton Lynd: Lucasville, The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising: new edition 2011 with a foreword by Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Lucasville Amnesty: support site for all those punished and still doing time, asking for a general amnesty for all of those people involved.

Workshop Recap: Lucasville Uprising (August 24, 2011), by Redbird Prison Abolition

Staughton Lynd (2008): Napue nightmares: Perjured Testimony in Trials following the 1993 Lucasville, Ohio, Prison Uprising, in: Capital University Law Review vol. 36 nr 3, pp. 559-634, or here.

Staughton Lynd (2006): Who killed Officer Vallandingham?

Sharon Danann: Racial Solidarity Threatens Prison Officials (Oct. 30th, 2006), in: Workers World

DemocracyNow: Hunger Strike of 4 Lucasville prisoners on a level more strict than death row (Ohio State Penitentiary): interview with Staughton Lynd (January 4th 2011)

Angola3News interviews Staughton Lynd about the Hungerstrike at OSP by Lucasville 5 prisoners (Jan. 3 2011) Legendary Historian, Attorney & Peace Activist Staughton Lynd on War Resisters, the Peace Movement and the 1993 Lucasville Prison Uprising (Oct 20, 2006)

Staughton Lynd: Lucasville: Remarks at a Rally in Columbus, Ohio, 28 September 2000

Staughton Lynd: Overcoming Racism, in: Monthly Review (Feb. 2000)

Staughton Lynd, The Lucasville Trials, in: Prison Legal News, June, 1999, page 20

Staughton Lynd: “Black and White and Dead all over: The Lucasville Insurrection,” in: Race Traitor, #8, Winter 1998

Building of the Supermax in Ohio

Questions remain concerning operation of “supermax”, [unknown journal],vol. 4 nr 4 (1998):

Support Links and Words from those involved

Voices of the Lucasville Uprising (Zine – PDF) vol. 1 

Racial solidarity threatens prison officials
In: Workers World, Oct 30, 2006

Facebook Group In Solidarity with the Lucasville Uprising Prisoners on Hungerstrike

Protest demands: Overturn Lucasville 5 convictions
In: Workers World, by Caleb T. Maupin, Jan 10, 2008

Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur):

Keith LaMar (Support site with link to his book Condemned (2014) 

Crime and Punishment, in SF Bay View, January issue, and on Dec 27, 2011 online.

People are being tortured inside these places
In: SF Bay View, August 23, 2011

Bomani Shakur: A letter to the people of the Redbird Prison Abolition, for: Workshop Recap: Lucasville Uprising, Aug 24, 2011

Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur): A Welcome Prison Victory (2011)

‘Hold the Applause’, in: Worker’s World, 23 Jan. 2009

Supermax (2008)

Bomani Shakur (Keith Lamar): Ohio political prisoner: ‘Fight or die’
In: Workers World, Feb 9, 2007

Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur): A Vast Tapestry of Lies (2007)

Wake up America! in : Prisoner Solidarity (2007)

Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur): If I snooze I lose my life, on:, (2006)

Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur): It’s Important That We Remain Strong, in: Campaign to End the Death Penalty (May 2000)

Where is Keith Lamar and Whatever Happened to Human Rights in America?
OHIO Prisoner Rights Advocates Want Factual Answers to These and Other Probing Questions
(Nov 9, 1997)

Siddique Abdullah Hasan (Carlos Sanders):

What Makes Me a Political Prisoner? By Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Statement made at August 2011 Anarchist Black Cross convergence in Colorado (2011).

Siddique Abdullah Hasan on PrisonRadio (2007)

Siddique Abdullah Hasan: Unjustly Convicted (2007, Prison Radio, MP3)

3-part Interview with Siddique Abdullah Hasan, by Martha Grevatt in Workers World (2007):
Part 1 (March 29, 2007)
Part 2 (Nov 11, 2007)
Part 3 (Nov. 21, 2007)

Travesties of Justice: An interview with Siddique Abdullah Hasan
by Daniel Sturm, Feb. 5, 2006

Open letter from Siddique Abdullah Hasan, written 7th of March 2002

The Siddique Abdullah Hasan Story, in: Justice Denied, issue 23.

George Skatzes: Support site containing as much articles and documents as possible

George Skatzes Files (affidavits and other exhibits from the Lucasville case and the Rogers case)

Court Opinions

George Skatzes Campaign

George Skatzes Facebook group

George Skatzes Messageboard

George Skatzes: Judicial System Gone Awry (2008?) 

The First State Lottery (1999)

A Rude Awakening (ca. 2007)

George Skatzes: Account of Mansfield Death Row Uprising (1997) 

Justice for George Skatzes website

George’s letter to his attorney, April 14, 1994

Derek Cannon:

Lucasville uprising prisoner takes stand against harassment,
In: Workers World, Feb 12, 2010

Colin Starger (Innocence Project): Derek Cannon: A Compelling Non-DNA-based Innocence Claim (2005)

Abdul-Muhaymin Nüruddïn (aka James Bell):

Lucasville uprising prisoner dies in ohio
in: Workers World, Sept 17, 2011

Lucasville uprising leader victim of prison abuse
In: Workers World, Sep 19, 2008

Gregg Curry: Support, links

Flyer made by Greg in support of him and others

Greg’s voice reading his words for the 20th Anniversary of Lucasville (2013)

A letter from Gregg Curry in: Workshop Recap: Lucasville Uprising, Aug 24, 2011

Lucasville uprising prisoner fights back
In: Workers World, May 13, 2010

Greg Curry: In My Own Words (Feb. 3rd 2006)

1993 The Aftermath: Interview with Greg Curry by Kunta Kenyata (2006)

Ali Khalid Abdullah:
To My Brothers Known As “The Lucasville Five”
In:, Feb. 17, 2007

2011 Hungerstrike for better conditions in the OSP Supermax:

Lucasville prison uprising leaders go on hunger strike
In: Workers World, Jan 3, 2011

“If We Must Die”, by Bomani Shakur, in: Workers World, Jan. 3rd 2011

Hunger Strike at Ohio State Penitentiary, by Staughton Lynd, in: Z-Communications (Dec 31st 2010)

Lucasville: The Play (2007-2008):

Play about Lucasville prisoners cheered
In: Workers World, Apr 25, 2008

Lucasville at FringeNYC:
A new play by Staughton Lynd takes us to the ever-dramatic environs of death row

Remembering Lucasville: A Review of Staughton Lynd’s Big George, in:

Other Plays and Mentions:

In The Belly, by Insurgent Theatre, Ohio (Aug-Sept 2011)

(artwork by Jason Robb, one of the “Lucasville 5”)

See for Jason Robb: