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Under the guise of “obscenity” regulations, the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCr) has proposed sweeping new political censorship rules for mail going both into and out of the prisons.

The proposed regulations are designed with two main purposes: 

1) To censor writings that educate the public about what is actually occurring inside the prisons, and 

2) To stifle the intellectual and political education and organizing of prisoners themselves for human rights-, political, educational and other positive goals.

Please watch this VIDEO explaining more about how the regulations would work:

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Stop Censorship Regs

“They want to be free to pursue the maintenance of the SHU torture units and the expansion of the prison industrial complex (and the ever-growing portion of the public’s tax dollars) without the prospect of legitimate criticism and the voice of opposition.”    
-Prisoner in Corcoran State Prison SHU

What you can do:

Write a short letter as comment, room prepared by CURB


Write your own Email and send it to:

The Supreme Court has already held as protected speech under the First Amendment prisoners’ right to both criticize and protest prison conditions and regulations as these are clearly subjects of public interest. 

Please weigh in and speak out against these regulations. 

For more information about SHU torture in California, plz visit:

Article by Mutope Duguma (incarcerated in PBSP-SHU): CDCr counterpunch: New rules designed to silence prison protest

Article by Mutope Duguma: New proposed censorship rules mean more torture for California prisoners in solitary 

Fact Sheet prepared by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity (use this to copy for your letter).

Legal Analysis