Colorado: “The Unique Injustice” Fake charges and the Slave-making Process explained in 5 Steps

“The Unique Injustice”
Fake charges & The Slave-making Process explained in 5 Steps
Written by Omar Gent

The Colorado criminal justice system is a unique slavocracy because:

Minorities and the poor are charged, tried, convicted, forced to accept a plea bargain and / or to be sentenced to prison (and eventually parole, if the accused is so-called “parole-eligible”) for serious felony charges that do not legally exist.

Imagine being arrested or jailed and processed through the courts, when the serious felonies charged against you are absolutely fake / totally illegal, so by law, the charges and the courts do not legally exist. But yet, the corrupt prosecutor, the de facto judge and your pettifogger defense attorney collude together to illegally jail you and process you through a kangaroo court to aanswer charges that are not real or legal in any sense! (see Article 2 Section 8 of the Colorado Constitution).

The charges are not real or legal because:

1) The prosecutor(s) gathered information and evidence from the statement(s) of the alleged victim(s) of the crime and the police department that arrested you.

2) Then the prosecutor(s) drafted a written accusation of crime that originally came from the police department / detective that investigated / arrested you.

3) Next, the prosecutor illegally bypassed the investigative Grand Jusry and filed the serious felony charges (listed on a complaint or information) in to the defacto / kangaroo court of a corrupt judge. The judge is a Corrupt Usurper because:

4) The very moment the prosecutor bypassed the Grand Jury and filed the serious felony charges in court, the felony charges became absolutely NULL & VOID (meaning they do not legally exist), and both the prosecutor and the judge, kangaroo court is committing multiple crimes, extrinsic fraud, to charge or punish, imprison you for a serious felony, because the Colorado Courts, defense attorneys, and the prosecutor must ensure that all citizens charged with serious felonies are investigated and indicted by a Grand Jury before they can be legally charged and punished, omprisoned for serious felonies or death penalty crimes (see the MANDATORY indictment clause of Article 2, Section 8, of the Colorado Constitution).

5) The Grand Jury’s duty is to determine if enough probable cause exists to hold a person for trial, to limit the power of judges, and to investigate the serious felony charges filed against a citizen, to ensure that fact is separated from fiction, so that the police, alleged victim(s) of the crime, and the prosecutors are not making groundless or false accusations that could ruin a person’s public reputation and/or send them to prison or death row unjustly.

In Colorado: when prosecutors file and prosecute serious felony charges after bypassing the Grand Jury, prosecutors are not only committing extrinsic fraud, multiple crimes, they are allowing police and the alleged victim(s) to decide who gets snatched off the streed and illegally convicted and/or sentenced to prison or even death row, regardless if the accusation of the crime is true, false, or if probable, the evidence is lacking of non-existent.

Judges intentionally break the Supreme Law of the land, and they crown prosecutors as infallible dictators, when judges allow prosecutors to prosecute serious felony charges in a court of law, after the prosecutor refused to ave those serious felony charges investigated and affirmed by a Grand Jury Indictment. This is legal lynching and criminal conspiracy!

That is what makes the Colorado criminal justice system uniquely evil:

You can be illegally charged and prosecuted for a serious felony that doens not really exist, and you can be kidnapped and sentenced to prison by a depraved and hypocritical government that broke he law to accuse, convict you of braking the law.

You can be made a prison slave just because the Colorado criminal justice system says so.

Please go to and sign our petition en masse. Leave us your name and email if you can’t access the petition. Help us fight illegal mass incarceration. We need yoru help. We need the Black media to support us.

Omar J. Gent, a freeman unlawfully enslaved in Colorado

Note: Colorado has 22 jails and 25 prisons/detention camps. Those held for felonies – without Grand Jury Indictments – are held in unlawful slavery / illegal involuntary servitude, because they were not duly convicted. There is no justification for illegal imprisonment. Human rights groups, attorneys and activists are needed to expose and fight this long-standing injustice. Justice and reparations are due.
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In the spirit of Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner, rises up against unlawful chattel slavery. Rise with us!

Petition: (send an email to if you want to sign, if the petition is not available)

Petition text:
Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives and 6 others
Stop Slavery in Colorado
Denzel Gent Bridgeport, CT

On May 29, 2008 at approximately 10:00 p.m. Omar Gent was driving in his car headed to the gas station; however was pulled over by local police for what was stated to be a “traffic violation”. Omar was then arrested on scene and taken to be identified as the suspect of a local robbery. The victim was shown a photo of Omar Gent (which is illegal) and then was taken to the traffic stop where Omar was already handcuffed in the back of the police car and a one-on-one show up was held at a distance of approximately 20-30 feet; the victim was unable to identify Omar as the suspect during the first show up. After given a second show up the victim believed he was 90% sure Omar was the suspect.

Coworkers #1 and #2 were not present at the time of the robbery but were used as witnesses to help identify the suspect. Coworker #1 was also taken to the one-on-one show up and was asked to identify Omar as the suspect and he could not as he stated “I have astigmatism” and was not 100% sure Omar was the man. Coworker #2 positively identified Omar Gent as the suspect because he stated, “there aren’t that many black men in Parker Colorado.” At the pretrial suppression of ID/photo line up the victim picked three other black men all with different builds and heights; although prior the victim was “90% sure” he had identified the right man. In addition, Coworker #1 stated during the trial that he was angry when he made the ID because he was ready to go home and coworker #2 told him that it was Omar.

Omar’s car was illegally searched without consent or warrant. After his arrest and enduring many hours of integration, Omar asked for an attorney, yet all he received were more questions and did not receive the legal representation requested. During interrogation, the police tried to coerce Omar to confess to the robbery or else they would throw his family out of their home. Omar maintained his innocence and did not confess to the crime and as a result the police kept their word. Four Colorado Police Officers forcefully entered Omar’s home and began to search his home without a warrant or consent; Omar’s family was present and told police that they were not given permission to enter. The police forced Omar’s family out of their home into the Colorado winter night. The police took what they wanted during the illegal search of Omar’s home. Omar’s family filed a complaint against the city because of the illegal search of their home. In efforts to conceal the police officers’ wrongdoing, the presiding Judge sealed the legit complaint. In addition, the video interrogation showing Omar requesting to have legal representation and police threats to throw his family out of their home unless he confessed was deemed inadmissible in court.

Omar has written proof that he requested a preliminary hearing to challenge the charges of probable cause but he was illegally denied the right–without Omar’s knowledge and approval the public defender waived his rights to a preliminary hearing. Omar was then charged with an infamous felony yet never received a grand jury indictment (which is required by Colorado Bill of Rights for felony charges). Due to the fact that Omar was never indicted, he was subsequently denied his sixth Amendment right (to confront and cross examine witnesses). Omar has been fighting his case by seeking justice for the violation of his civil rights. Help us stop illegal imprisonment in Colorado.

U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Colorado State House
and 4 others
Colorado State Senate
President of the United States
Colorado Governor
President of the United States of America Barak Obama (President of the United States of America)

We the undersigned believe that modern day slavery should be abolished throughout America. According to the United States Constitution, slavery and involuntary servitude shall not exist within the United States.

No state has the right to deprive any individual life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any individual equal protection of the laws. The Colorado Judicial System and the Colorado State Prison System are illegally detaining inmates by means of bypassing Grand Jury indictments warranted for capital or infamous felony crimes. Basic human and civil rights are being violated and we will no longer be blind to the color of law.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the odds of going to prison for an African American male is 1 in 3 whereas Latinos are every 1 in 6 and Caucasians are every 1 in 17. Racial disparity in prison is evident in the Colorado State Prison System; African Americans represent 3.8% of Colorado’s population however equal 19.4% of inmates in state prison.

Like other well-endowed individuals, we demand equal rights and equal protection under the same laws that protect and shelter those who are able to acquire legal representation and/or those who have received due process and legal convictions. It is important that we act now, rather than later, to take a stance for human and civil rights afforded to these incarcerated individuals.

By signing this petition, we collectively agree that placing mass incarceration at the forefront of a new movement for racial justice in America is warranted.

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