Transcripts of the Second Legislative Hearing on Solitary Confinement in California

These transcripts reflect the Second Legislative Hearing, which was held on February 11th, 2014. It was transcribed by Whatthefolly and edited by a member of a coalition of groups who support California hunger strike prisoners. Plz click the following link to read the transcripts:

CDCR’S Proposed New Policies on Inmate Segregation: The Promise and Imperative of Real Reform

Second Leg. Hearing on Solitary Confinement: Feb 11 in Sacramento

Also, why are the people inside the Secure Housing Units not being heard themselves:

Prisoners in solitary deserve to have a presence at the Feb. 11th hearing!

Last July, 30,000 prisoners embarked on a hunger strike to protest inhumane conditions, particularly in California’s isolation cells.  Dozens of prisoners remained on hunger strike for almost 60 days, suspending it only when key legislators promised to investigate the torturous conditions and work to change them.

On February 11, in Sacramento, the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees will hold their second joint hearing on conditions in these isolation units.

The most important witnesses are the prisoners themselves, but CDCR has refused to let them attend and testify.  Prisoners have testified at legislative hearings before.  Contact CDCR officials and urge them to allow the voices of the prisoners to be heard.


Thank you!!