Some public comments, made at the Meeting of the Board of Prison Commissioners, July 14, 2009

For the Record

Meeting of the Board of Prison Commissioners

July 14, 2009

To the Members of the Prison Commission and the Public,

Since last meeting, April 14th, nothing has changed that I have noticed: inmates in Ely State Prison are still not being treated properly for serious medical problems, the prison is still on lockdown except for 2 units, some inmates are kept illegally on a ‘High Risk Potential’ even though there are no apparent reasons to keep them on this inhuman status (keeping an inmate on a leash while he has to walk through the visiting room to the restroom during a visit, sounds a lot like what we saw on pictures in the media of Abu Ghraib).

There also are no programs, no steps, to step down from one level to the next.

Inmates are not able to make telephone calls according to the rules, because telephones are not brought to the inmates when they need to make a call to their relatives.

Cleaning material is scarcely handed out if at all. There are far too many strip-searches, even though it is even noted in the media that it is some employees who bring in illegal drugs, not inmates. Strip-searches are inhumane and the ones who have to check up become dehumanized too by doing them so often. People, whether inside or out, have to be able to retain their dignity.

Also, I hear that very recently, order forms were taken out of catalogues of a bookseller, by those employed in ESP in unit 3, so that the inmates are discouraged to (or can not even) order any books to read. This is unnecessary and it only produces a dangerous level of lethargy and disturbance of minds.

Also, mentally ill patients are being housed in this maximum security prison, whereas it is not meant to be a mental hospital. This brings along high levels of noise and disturbance for those patients (who need treatment) as well as those next door who try to make something of their lives, even if they are locked up. See also the article in Las Vegas Sun recently, July 12 (

There needs to be a change of mentality in society, in Nevada, within the Department of Corrections, from only cutting costs without any alternative and improvement to making society better and by doing this, preventing crime and cutting cost by not having to house so many people for years on end with no goal, no medical care, no redemption, no growth, no forgiveness, no love.

Is this a message for ‘soft-hearts’? I think it takes guts to want to change and engage in supporting children so that they grow up becoming balanced adults, in stead of greedy, corrupt, selfish people who will believe that crime (doing bad) pays and that being greedy is good. It takes courage to really invest in rehabilitating people who have made wrong decisions, who have succumbed to becoming addicted to hard-drugs. It is not only stupid to be so-called “tough on crime” by not wanting to see what this system results in, it will cost society ultimately too much in money and dangerous situations (most inmates will one day be released!) to lock people up with no alternative and to not want to see they are people, with needs just like you and me. We who pay for the prison system, you and me (I too pay tax over there, as well as those who are incarcerated pay tax), we want oversight over what is happening to our money; and we whose parents, children, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, siblings are locked up: we want to know that even though they are locked up, they are at the same time looked after and offered chances for growth and rehabilitation.

The amount of lawsuits against the warden of ESP is growing, and do we really want our money to go to these lawsuits, if a better warden would be found, who listens and acts when it matters, and who is not a frightening dictator under whose management diabetics rot to death? Surely Nevada can do much better than this!




DATE: 14 July 2009

Good Day.

Requested prisoner deaths from May of 2007 to the present have failed to arrive, but here is a partial list only from Carson County, for your information:

Anthony Weber 05/02/07

Richard Adams 05/10/07

Michael Kisling 05/19/07

Warren Staden 06/06/07

Anthony Melchor 06/08/07

Pioquinto Herrera 06/27/07

Virgil Stephens 07/06/07

Virgil Perry 07/29/07

Maynard Humphrey 08/09/07

Mark Miller 08/15/07

Ronald Royston 09/03/07

Michael Wallace 09/03/07

Robert Boswell 11/25/07

Dale Burroughs 12/19/07

Edwin Chartier 12/20/07

James Bey 02/13/08

Jack Leafdale 03/06/08

Lawrence Booker 03/10/08

Luther Hayslip 03/21/08

Armondo Claro-Garcia 03/26/08

Johnnie McGraw 05/18/08

John Stafford 05/27/08

Darren Enlow 05/29/08

Thomas Smith 05/31/08

Hermenegildo Escalara-Barragan 06/02/08

John Dillon 06/04/08

Sylvester Azbill 06/08/08

Bobby Boswell 06/12/08

Felipe Azanon 06/21/08

David St. Pierre 07/07/08

Thomas Zanetti 08/22/08

Pinkus Ralzin 08/29/08

Jose Obregon 09/23/08

William Barney 10/15/08

Donald Tanner 11/04/08

Sever Marga 12/05/08

Raymond Price 12/06/08

Michael Bowman 12/25/08

Though I was polite in my inquiry, the director of nursing hung up in my ear, after telling me to go to your office, AG Cortez Masto. But, to date I have received no answer to my inquiries for NDOC death data and other requests. Why is your staff unable to find my letters and answer them? Is NDOC also losing death data, or not recording it? Your public information staff member told me she would call me back regarding my inquiries, but, she has not.

For your direct information, here are copies of my certified letters to you, AG Masto:

11 May 2009

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Office of the Attorney General
100 North Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4717

Dear Attorney General Cortez Masto,

I met you at the 21 Feb 2009 meeting of the League of Women Voters of Las Vegas Valley where you spoke on “The Role of the Board of Prison Commissioners.” I’m the lady from Arizona who came a long way to hear you. Remember that we spoke both before and after the meeting?

I shared with you that new leadership was needed for the prisons. You told me that I might like to attend the commissioners’ meeting in April because Mr. Miller was going to bring that up.

Well, I need your help. I spoke at the 14 April meeting, you may remember, and made a written submission for the record, what I see as a pattern of failure, abuse and ways to stop lawsuits.

20 April 2009 I emailed a request for a “DVD and/or audio” of the Nevada State Board of Prison Commissioners’ meeting of 14 April 2009 to Secretary of State Ross Miller’s office assistant, Sally.

I received no email reply. 30 April 2009 I called Mr. Miller’s office. Ms. Sally Lincoln told me that Mr. Miller had sent you my request. She said that he had concerns about fulfilling my request because of family privacy rights that concerned him. But, this was a public meeting.

Ms. Lincoln told me that they had no projected date as to when you would have a decision on whether or not my request could be fulfilled.

Will you please have Mr. Miller’s office send immediately (advise me of costs if there are costs):

a copy of the DVD recording of the meeting (containing both pictures and audio); plus,
a copy of the submissions made to the prison board; and
the sign in list.
I wish that you had given some hope to us at the meeting, a comforting word or two. We want prisoners to succeed. Please do so in the future? We need fully accredited to professional standards… in all areas.

In closing, can you please send what happened during the disturbance in High Desert State Prison 13 April 2009 that Mr. Skolnik talked about at the14th board meeting? Please include photos of both prisoners and guards who were injured, if they were? I sincerely hope all are in good health now.

And my second certified letter:


19 June 2009

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto

Office of the Attorney General
100 North Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4717

Dear Attorney General Cortez Masto,

Three requests for information, please, from the NDOC? If these is a charge for copying, please advise

1. Please send the updated death list information for NDOC prisoners for who have expired while inside NDOC: 20 May 2009 to the present; (NDOC Nursing Director ref’d me to your office);

2. Please send what happened during the disturbance in High Desert State Prison 13 April 2009 that Mr. Skolnik talked about at the14 April board meeting including photos of both prisoners and guards who were injured, if they were? I sincerely hope all are in good health now; and

3. Please send a record of use of force inside NDOC facilities for the past five years, with photos;

4. Please send breakdown of those in solitary confinement, Ad Seg or Dis Seg, as I believe NDOC

officials refer to it, by time and race since 01 January 2007. Years ago NDOC officials did not keep this information. I hope they do now since it is important to understand how officials are administrating Nevada prisons in this regard.

Please answer my inquiries as soon as possible?

Why were staff members unable to prevent this recent tragic death at High Desert State Prison?

Bryan Tyler Nowell, Age 45
Administrative Segregation/Disciplinary Segregation Unit (The HOLE: Solitary Confinement)
Born 05/17/64
Died 03 June 2009
Suicide: Asphyxia by Hanging

Solitary confinement, as I submitted to you in my comments 14 April 2009, the Dr. Stuart Grassian report referenced, causes damage to human beings and in this case, death. We must stop this inhumane process today. Please give the order to Director Skolnik, Governor Gibbons, AG Cortez Masto, Mr. Miller… today, that solitary confinement stops now.

How many suicides have happened since May 2007 in Nevada prisons?

How are first line responders on duty in Nevada prisons educated to recognize those who are mentally unstable and may be thinking of taking their lives?

Are corrections officers advised about who is taking psychotropic drugs? Shouldn’t they know this in order to prevent suicide and other violence?

What is the budget for first responder education?

For a person to die in solitary confinement, or be allegedly gassed approximately 20 times and have a guard break a finger in a food slot at Ely State Prison recently, per a new Ely lawsuit in US District Court, is unacceptable and socially reprehensible. Prisoners are people.

Why are NDOC officials denied a prisoner with a rare liver disease medical care at High Desert, Mr. Miller? Will you please visit him to see for yourself? Will he die before release? Don’t you want to see his refused medical grievances? His life is at stake.

Why are NDOC officials shuttling the Ely HIV prisoner, whom guards there and at NSP have beaten, stabbed and shot during his Nevada incarceration, for treatment to High Desert, even though there are no specialists there to help him? Does this not further stress this prisoner to the point that he, too, will die young? Please move this prisoner to NNCC where he belongs.

We want to see education for officers and staff in violence prevention in Nevada prisons.

Where does the prison food coming from? What is the daily cost now? Why are we receiving reports of Nevada prisons serving expired food and that it is dwindling in serving sizes? How many calories are our prisoners getting daily? Where are the dieticians to supervise food service? Is it true that Nevada prisoner requests for Kosher food are not being honored?

What about those prison buses that the Department of Transportation has no responsibility to check for safety during prisoner transports? Who manufacturers those buses? Who inspects them and how often? How do prisoners get out alive if there is an accident? Are they coached on what to do in case of an accident to be able to get out safely? Why don’t prisoners get to see out? Are bus drivers licensed commercially? How many buses are there?

Is it true that NDOC officials allow senior corrections officers to recruit informants, snitches in prison terms, from the prison population, putting even more stress on prisoners. Do they order corrections officers to put prisoners on the train to Ely without due process? How much retaliation takes place against those who refuse? To what extent is retaliation taking place?

Why do Nevada prison mailrooms refuse to deliver books to prisoners, approved books that arrive? What happens to books undelivered to prisons? Why do corrections officers read magazines that families and loved ones pay for and reportedly keep them from the prisoners for weeks? Why don’t mailroom officials follow mail AR’s? Why do you allow punishment to all Ely prisoners by making them use tiny ink well fillers to write their letters with? To stop them from writing to loved ones and filing lawsuits?

Are you being loyal to the law by allowing unaccredited standards, operations and policies to continue inside Nevada prisons?

Why don’t Nevada prisoners in solitary confinement get daily fresh air and exercise, as is their right? Why do corrections officers take prisoners out at midnight, interrupting the sleep cycle?

Why do you allow Ely lockdown for years and years and years to continue? Please stop this today. You have the power. You can do it.

What are the guidelines for putting people into solitary confinement, ad seg, dis seg, to use your euphemisms?

Where are the felony charges against Nevada prisoners who are in solitary for extended periods?

Please produce the records of how long prison officials are keeping Nevada prisoners in solitary confinement.

Why don’t Nevada prisoners go to jail for assaults? Why don’t Nevada corrections officers go to jail for assaults?

How are the perpetrators of rape charged? Do they go to court? Or, do NDOC officials punish them by extending sentences without due process?

What are the NDOC regulations for time limits, if any, placed on people going into solitary?

Where are, and what are, the administrative regulations for the amount of time that officials can put prisoners in solitary confinement?

How much money is in the budget for corrections officers’ educations about recognition of mental health problems that prisoners may be suffering?

Here are excerpts of a letter from a prisoners’ family member that we received 13 July 2009:

…” I have suffered 13 years under the duress and frustration of the corrupt Nevada Prison System, Judicial system period. This is the “Country of Nevada”. Good Ole boys for sure and Ely guards are barbarians! P.up trucks drinking in the hills, cruel, I have seen the bleeding wounds on my husband’s ankles from having the shackles set to wear they rub and rub and break open old scabs from the week before, one guard will hike them up and tighten them another will just let them shift all around, I mean come on, walk from port to visit belly chain hands behind back cuffed shackles like he,s the incredible hulk and an escort officer, sometimes two, give me a break!

Ooooh are those guards tough, gag me, disgusting display of over the top unnecessary pain for the prisoner and extreme drama to increase the all ready distorted sense of importance these guards have!

No wonder they have such domestic violence problems!

…we do not trust anyone in connection with law they are all crooked corrupt tools of the higher echelon of our corrupt legal system.

As I stated I have suffered 13 years as has my husband I am ready to take a stand no matter what this lousy system needs to be torn down from the top down.”

What response do you advise us to give to this free person who is suffering daily because of operations and policies at Ely State Prison?

Please, take the high road in eliminating unacceptable Nevada prison conditions starting today. Implement a platform of rehabilitation and hope.

Please replace ineffective NDOC leadership with professional administration.

Please implement oversight in Nevada prisons today==before more violence erupts and the death toll for Nevada prisoners continues to escalate.

Yours truly,

Mercedes Maharis MA MS MA

April 14, 2009 Meeting of the Board of Prison Commissioners

(contains shocking photos)

I attended the meeting and made what little presentation that I could since we only had five minutes each and many of us got cut off, we felt, before five minutes… shocked!

It was the most explosive meeting that I have ever been to. 20 people were in Las Vegas… 21, I’m told in Carson City.
In Las Vegas, the atmosphere was electric!

Parents and relatives made very emotional… to take care of a brother’s health problems at Ely and said to Mr. Skolnik words to the effect that she was going to be his biggest nightmare… about substandard dental care for a son… a young woman whose son died years ago told his story… she wept along with members of the audience… a woman could not visit her son in Ely because they think she is a felon, but she is not… a mother said they should ask for food donations from groceries… and the clothing issue came up… size 16 shoes for a son who wears 9 1/2? and so much more… a California nurse with nobody in NDOC asked for compassion and better health care… four Pahrump residents came to ask the governor to stop the building of a CCA prison in their town… a prisoner from NDOC years ago said that the co/s were overworked… Mr. Hinton slammed the commissioners for not taking responsibility and action… a mother in tears told of High Desert State prison only allowing fifty visitors during visiting when NV prisoners need to keep family ties so badly and that families have to wait in line for an hour and a half to get in… another mother asked to have all the wardens at Ely fired…

[an inmate shot inside the NDOC prisons]

Two correctional officers in Las Vegas, who are humane (one who has a law suit against the department himself) were there. They could not comment publicly, but let me know afterwards that they are for firing Skolnik and McDaniels.

Perhaps the high point was Ralph Kenmore’s testimony (see his story on our website…… under Read Postings. NDOC kept him inside much longer than he should have been… presenting the documents to prove it. He was brilliant… just released 30 March 2009!

Kim’s reading of Marritte Funches’ accounts of life at ESP was awesome… Tonja presented only a tiny portion of inmate problems, but she put 14 prisoners’ accounts on the record, she said… Anyway our gal Kim in Las Vegas got to finish Marritte’s entire letter. It was also very emotional for everybody.

I got a retired attorney to read part of a gal from Holland’s letter… putting it on NVPV today, too, but, she got to it later after making her couple minutes, so she only covered the mission statement, which she throught was the most important… to confront commissioners with the fact that they were not doing their job for health care.

I personally put it in the hands of Robert E. Walsh to the position of Deputy Secretary of State for Southern Nevada…. along with a copy of Maritte’s letter, as well.

You could hear a pin drop as Kim read Marritte’s letter. It was awesome.

People clapped after the testimony for several people, including mine, for which I was grateful, but attendees in Carson City told us that they turned off the sound during the clapping. Clapping and shouting out had never happened before, except once at a CURE meeting about 10 years ago when Director Crawford came to speak to parents and loved ones just after she came in as director. High hopes then, but little change ever occured.

[an inmate in NV prison, beaten]

I think that it went fabulously well. I believe that there were at least six people, maybe seven, who called for Skolnik’s being fired (including me… well, I said we need new leadership in the director’s office and at Ely…) See below for my complete statement… that I doubt they will ever read!

Why the vote to oust Skolnik did not come up, as discussed last meeting. The co’s said the commissioners would do it after the meeting. After so many asking for Skonik’s and McDaniel’s firing, one would think that they will surely be gone. But, yesterday Peggy Mace Johnson (former NV Democratic Party head) said that Commissioner Miller told her that he would remain until legislature closes (June 1, 2009)… That’s all I know about Skolnik leaving. Surely McDaniels will go soon, too, because of the ACLU lawsuit in which he’s personally sued for the Patrick Cavanaugh death. (See that on, too.)

There was a beating involving two inmates and two officers the night before the meeting (13 April 2009) at High Desert State Prison outside of Las Vegas.
A blurb on with few details on Channel 3, Las Vegas. If you get that story, let me know! It’s not on their site, but I confirmed it with Joyce Kolnik at the station…
I showed photographs of past NDOC brutality to the commissioners. Perfect timing to indicate the ongoing pattern because NV prisons are not accredited to professional standards of operations by the American Correctional Association! That I asked for at legislature more than a decade ago.

[death row inmate at Ely State Prison, beaten]

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for victory that will push Skolnik and McDaniels out! Let positive change begin with accreditation to standards!

MY PRESENTATION 14 April 2009 NV Prison Board of Commissioners:

TO: Nevada Prison Commissioners:

Attorney General Masto
Secretary of State Miller
Governor Gibbons

Mercedes Maharis MA MS MA, Hereford, AZ === For the Record.
Lifetime Member CURE, Washington, DC
Past Director Nevada CURE
Co-founder Spartacus Project
Co-Author Spartacus Project Report

DATE: 14 April 2009

Good Afternoon,

We have become a nation of prisons, but how are we going to take care of our prisoners? We cannot.

What is the true cost of continued Nevada prisoner warehousing?

It cannot be calculated.

Can a Nevada prison sentence become a death sentence?

Yes, it can, and in many cases, it has.

In the summer of 1971, the classic psychological Stanford Prison Experiment asked important questions.

What happens when we put good people in an evil place?

And, does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph?

The planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended prematurely after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated.

Guards became sadistic. Prisoners became withdrawn, depressed and showed signs of extreme stress and began behaving in pathological ways.

Here are four examples of sadistic, excessive force inside Nevada prisons that you may not have seen… worse by far than Abu Ghraib.

1. Defenseless, beaten, still in prison, now with hepatitis C, suspecting reused needles in the medical department, since he was locked in a single cell for nearly two decades;

2. Defenseless, but shot in the back, unable to get prison medical employees to remove the buckshot causing severe migraine headaches. He currently has an open warrant in Florida. Would we be functional after such treatment?

3. A victim. His only choice to relieve excruciating pain was dental extraction in a Nevada prison, but, he was expected to reenter society with no front teeth and get a job. His fate? Unknown.

4. Unarmed, but clubbed mercilessly, out now, his fate also unknown.

On the other side of the equation, there is the issue of the older prisoners devouring the younger ones through domination by fear and sexual assault.

Of the 50 or more outsiders who saw the Stanford prison, only one participant, a PhD brought in to do interviews, ever questioned its morality. The link of this ignored social research is on Nevada Prisoner Voice for your review.

Yet, Nevada prisons continue, defying logic and common sense.

The system is broken, as Asm. Segerblom stated April 2, 2009, at the Nevada corrections committee meeting.

UNLV criminologist, author Randall G. Shelden has thrown in the towel. He wrote last week that he has come to believe that change will never come from inside the Nevada prison system.

December 5, 2000, I appeared before the Nevada Prison Commission to address lack of prisoner medical treatment, excessive use of force and late parole release. But, these issues continue today with no relief in sight.

After reviewing thousands of Nevada prisoner letters and legal documents over the years, we think that the current administration policy and operations are preventing the positive changes that can alter prisoners’ lives, officers’ lives, the family’s lives of both and community progress.

This is why new leadership today in the director’s office and at Ely State Prison immediately. Tomorrow may be too late. Buildings instead of drug programs: ineffective and unacceptable.

The enclosed April 13, 2009 New York Times editorial states, “The most effective programs provide inmates with high-quality treatment in prison and continue treatment when prisoners return to their communities.

Such programs have been shown to reduce both drug use and recidivism. But, good programs are rare, according to a report earlier this year in The Journal of the American Medical Association.”

We ask you to provide critical drug treatment and education to every Nevada prisoner who needs it for the benefit of all. If you will not, send prisoners home under house arrest to get treatment and education.

226 NV prisoners died Jan 1, 2000 to June 4, 2007. Up to date death information? We can’t get it. NDOC does not make it a priority. Mr. Reed, NDOC statistician, wrote me January 22, 2009, “As for the death statistics, I don’t have a projected date. We are very busy with other projects.” Not recording or revealing current prisoner deaths in prisons is unacceptable morally and reveals insensitivity to human life. Five more deaths have occurred at Ely alone since June 4, 2007. See Nevada Prisoner Voice ( for death information.

There were 545 Nevada prisoner lawsuits in federal courts 19 Feb 2009. The bulk of the work for the federal court in Reno is from NV prison inmates at Ely State Prison.

These 20 positive changes will avoid future litigation and create a safer, productive environment for the benefit of all:

* Humane Nevada Prison Conditions
* Effective Medical, Dental and Mental Health Care in Nevada prisons
* Immediate Food, Clothing, Shelter and Exercise Relief

The recent reported food and milk reduction… two packets of dried milk down to one at Ely, for example, is unacceptable. Withholding food is inhumane. We also brought this up to the Governor’s Committee on Corrections about a decade ago, but, still, there is no relief.

Accreditation to Professional Standards, that we also requested at legislature a decade ago. No standards for facilities is disastrous for prisoners and staff.

* National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) Accreditation
* American Correctional Association Accreditation

Concerning prisoner jobs:

* Expansion of Nevada Prison Industries and Agriculture
* Termination of Discriminatory Practices in the Nevada Prison Industries’ Classification Process
* Minimum Wages for Prison Workers

Concerning confinement:

* Closure of All Nevada Prison Control Units
* Termination of Perpetual Lockdown status for Ely State Prison, Ely, Nevada, with no due process re classification

NOTE: Administrative Segregation is solitary confinement, and highly destructive to the human psyche per expert psychiatrist Dr. Stuart Grassian’s 59 page report: This report is also linked on the Nevada Prisoner Voice website.

* Removal of the civil justice system for Ely State Prison from White Pine County to Clark County, Nevada
* Termination of Mixed Classifications Policy and Practice to stop future Sexual Assault and Rape
* Access to Nevada Department of Corrections’ Official Reports and Statistics
* Termination of Nevada Prison Censorship, including mail, and Retaliation for Political Activism
* Reinstatement of Hardback Books, Typewriters, and Regular Pens for Fair Access to Education and Communications
* Introduction of personal netbooks as personal learning tools and to enable computer literacy
* Termination of mailroom personnel interference with US mail
* The Appointment of Volunteer Ombudsmen for Each Nevada Prison Facility
* A Prison Monitor Corps of Retired Educators and Business Professionals whose duties include audit and oversight of the prison budget, time keeping, the grievance system.

And lastly,

* Termination of prisoner family money confiscation without due process.

After reviewing Nevada Prison Commission minutes 1996 to the present day, we can find no record of Nevada commission members Board of Prison Commissioner ever discussing or carrying out this duty that NRS 209.382 mandates:

The board shall take appropriate action to remedy any deficiencies that the State Health Officer reports after examination of medical, dental services, diet of offenders, sanitation and safety in institutions and facilities. NRS 209.382.

You must also reinstate the semi-annual health inspections, all but discontinued though they are still mandated by law.

Otherwise, you will have failed to fulfill your jobs to protect the health and welfare of Nevada prisoner, wards of the State of Nevada.

If you will not do this, then you must send prisoners home today under house arrest and let their families find the health care that so many desperately need.

Prisoners are people, human beings with gifts and talents that can be uncovered with proper guidance under your wise supervision.

No==to preventable suffering and deaths. No==to prison officials’ medical malpractice. No==to homicidal neglect. Yes==to immediate positive change!

In closing, Commissioners, you have the power to see that Nevada prison officials and employees do no harm and that our prisoners return to society better than when they entered prison.

It is possible that the three of you could win the Nobel Peace Prize if you decide to empower our Nevada prisoners to succeed.

Thank you,

Mercedes Maharis MA MS MA

ENCL: Nevada Prisoner Death List 1905 to June 4, 2007 (3 pgs.)
New York Times Article 13 April 2009 ADDICTION BEHIND BARS (1pg.)
Fix the Prisons? By Randall G. Shelden (2pgs.)
Four Use of Excessive Force Photos (4)

POINT BOARDS: (1) each: Stop Inhumane Prisoner Deaths!; Stop Prison Medical Malpractice!; Adequate Prisoner Food! Clothing!; Fire Skolnik and McDaniels!; Stop Prison Kangaroo Courts! Prisoner Education and Rehabilitation!; Prison Board: Do a Better Job!; Where’s the Water? @ H.D.S.P Indian Springs