Demonstration, New Website for Nolan Klein

Last Friday (21 August), a group of Advocates for the Innocent gathered and demonstrated at the Federal Court House, Reno, NV. Their goal: to expose Ron Rachow and the Washoe County Dick Gammick and the DA’s administration of the last 21 years, who withheld evidence in the case of Nolan Klein (and who knows of more innocent people?).

The demonstration was organized in support of Tonja Brown and her brother Nolan Klein, who is gravely ill, and who has been in prison for the last 21 years in a wrongful conviction due to the withholding of evidence by Ron Rachow.

A new website has also been launched to inform the public about this case:

The following link contains the documents submitted to the Advisory Commission requesting a case study to be conducted on Wrongful convictions through eyewitness testimony and tainted photo line ups. The information in the link shows the discrepancies between Nolan Klein and the prime suspect that was withheld from the defense by Ron Rachow.

This is the link to the exhibits (PDF opens).

Tonja Brown submitted to the Advisory Commission a proposed bill dealing with DNA evidence and wrongful convictions. She requested the Commission recommend the bill to the 2009 Legislature. She said the bill entitled an inmate to have DNA testing at his own expense.

She said her other item of discussion, Agenda Item VI-D, was eyewitness identification. She provided a large packet of exhibit material for the Commission. She asked the Commissioners to look at the photo lineup included in her materials.

Ms. Brown read further statements from her exhibits.
Chair Hardesty said the Commission had Ms. Brown’s material and he asked her to make a policy issue. Ms. Brown recommended the Commission needed to study misidentification and recommend to the Legislature they do a case study.