Governor John Kasich and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine: Stop the execution of Ronald Post

Ed., Dec. 18 2012: The governor has commuted the sentence of Ronald post to LWOP.

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Petition by Voices for Death Row Inmates
Ronald Post is due to be executed on 16 January 2013 by the State of Ohio.

There has been worldwide news on this man because he is morbidly obese, and an execution with someone of 480 pounds would be cruel and unusual punishment.

However that is not the whole story. Post has always denied the shooting of Helen Vantz.

We have every sympathy for the Vantz family but we feel it is important the whole story is told about this case, for their sake also.

On November 20 2012, Post stated in front of a parole board that he and other two men had plotted to commit robbery, yet he ended up not participating.

Huffington Post quotes his attorney saying he only found out about the fact that they went through with it from the newspaper, in a 1984 statement.

In a parole board interview, Mr Post identified one of those men, Ralph Hall, as the shooter.

Post is the only criminal defendant in the state — and possibly the country — to receive the death penalty after pleading no contest.
Post may not have been aware of the consequences of the plea after being advised by a court-appointed attorney that one of the judges hearing the case would not imposed the death penalty because of religious scruples

The prosecution’s case was based on seven unreliable witness accounts.

Evidence has been with held.

Ronald was told by attorneys to enter a no contest plea by his attorneys and was not tried. He had a panel of three judges at a hearing.

Ronald Post’s original defence counsel were Michael Duff and Lynett McGough.

However, a long-standing feud between Duff and McGough is thought to be the reason Duff was removed another case.

McGough and Duff served as co-counsel on the case of Ronald Ray Post, who was sentenced to death for the 1983 aggravated murder- robbery of an Elyria motel clerk, and the allegations which emerged from the case threatened to tarnish the reputation of both.

But Mike Duff, one of Post’s attorneys at the time of the plea, said he was sorry to hear that an execution date had been set for his former client.

“It’s a sad day,” Duff said. “I’m upset, but the blood for that is on attorney McGough’s hands, not mine.”

McGough testified in a later hearing that the judges all told her they wouldn’t consider the no-contest plea as a mitigating factor in the case, but one judge, the late Adrian Betleski, had moral reservations about imposing the death penalty because of his Catholic faith, according to a U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that upheld Post’s death sentence.

“She said Betleski would not do it and I believed her,” Duff said.

There are serious problems with how Post has been defended and advised from the start of this case.

Ineffectiveness of Counsel is a huge issue in this case.

The defense counsel also allowed a victim-impact statement, made by Vantz’s son, to be included in the report, when it wasn’t required and negatively affected the outcome of the case.

Jailhouse testimony was also used against Post. The snitch was recruited by prosecutors to get the confession without a defense attorney present, which is against Ohio law.

There are also at least one other potential suspect in this case!

It would be wrong to go ahead with this execution because there are too many questions to be answered. 

Governor John Kasich please grant clemency to Ronald Post, so that he can have all his evidence presented to a court in its entirety for the first time in almost 30 years

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